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A simple, effortless solution to keep customers safe and generate leads.

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How does it work?

Social Mendia is a seamless, must-have tool for restaurants, especially with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions for hospitality. It’s as easy as placing a custom-generated QR code on each table, transforming customers’ restaurant dining experience with all the prompts they need in the palm of their hand. From menu access to prompts for service, the ability to convert and generate leads and traffic to your social networks and website is one step easier.


Replace disposable menus with a custom, easy access QR code.


Easily customize your menu as many times as you need and personalize it with your logo.


Connect with customers through social media call-to-action buttons and expand your customers’ experience even further.


Save money on advertising and give customers instant access to your social networks.

Don’t miss out on the must-have tool for restaurants!

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